17-20 October 2023: XXXII ANMS Congress Pavia

The University Museum System of Pavia is organising the XXXII Congress of the ANMS, the National Association of Science Museums, from 17 to 20 October 2023.In particular, the theme of this year’s edition is ‘Diversity as Identity. Cultures, publics and heritages in science museums‘. The congress will be held in the Aula del Quattrocento in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 6, Pavia.

As a matter of fact, every year the Congress acts as a moment of reflection on museum issues. The theme of 2023, Diversity as Identity, will allow a broad representation of the principles and context of actions and experiences of ANMS museums as stated in the Associative Manifesto. The latter is to be identified in practices of research, conservation, care and enhancement/upgrading of museum collections; in sustainable activities and practices as highlighted by the 17 Goals of the 2030 Agenda. Moreover, it is to be identified in participatory actions and policies of patrimonial significance in territories and communities, in educational, care and welfare practices and actions also in the confrontation and collaboration of museums in educating communities for formal or non-formal learning. Furthermore, in innovative policies and actions for the management and valorisation of cultural heritage, also through reflections and actions regarding museum professions; and, finally, in inclusive and innovative experiences of communication and participation also through new digital languages.

Specifically, the Congress, on Wednesday 18 October, will be opened by the greetings of the Mayor of Pavia Fabrizio Fracassi, the Magnifico Rettore of the University Francesco Svelto, the President of the Museum System Paolo Mazzarello, and ANMS President Fausto Barbagli. The papers, approximately 150 in number, will be introduced by the Lectio magistralis by Giulio Zaccarelli, lecturer at the University School of Italian Switzerland, entitled Il museo scientifico tra scienza e design. Overall, the programme includes three working sessions, a poster discussion and a round table on Social Archaeology, as well as convivial and cultural moments offered to conference participants.

In addition, the event will also provide an opportunity to visit the museums of the Museum System, from Kosmos and the Golgi Museum in Piazza Botta to the History and Archaeology Museums in the Central Palace, to the Botanical Garden and the Museum of Electrical Technology.

The conference can be attended by registering through the Association’s secretariat, also on-line.