Special opening of the Museum of Archaeology of the Pavia University Museum System: Saturday, January 21, 2023, starting from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The mystery of the three statues, meeting is at the Archeology Museum at 4 p.m.

The Museum of Archaeology preserves three headless Roman statues, two female figures and a male torso. They are some of the first artifacts that entered the Museum, founded dating back to the year 1820. Ancient inventories claim that they were found from excavations in the Roman city of Veleia.

Who do they represent? Where were they displayed? What was their function?

Marialetizia Tramontin has tried to give some answers to these questions and will present the research that she has done for her dissertation, Three statues are supposed to be in the Veleiate provenance in the collections of the University of Pavia. The reprise was supervised by Prof. Stefano Maggi and co-rapporteur Prof. Maria Elena Gorrini, as part of the master’s degree program “The Ancient Mediterranean World: History, Archaeology and Art” of the Department of Humanistic Studies at the University of Pavia.

The meeting will include an illustration of the three statues and a lecture in the classroom which is next to the museum, conducted by Dr. Tramontin, who will talk about the entry of these finds into the collection and their iconographic and stylistic characteristics, compared with other Roman statues.

Prof. Stefano Maggi, professor of classical archaeology, and Dr. Mario Colella, who recently restored two of the three marble statues, will also speak.

No reservations necessary, For information: museo.archeologia@unipv.it

The cost included in entrance fee.

Address: University Central Palace, Corso Strada Nuova 65, Pavia, the entrance is in the passage between the Cortile delle Magnolie and the Cortile Sforzesco.

In the picture: Marialetizia Tramontin, with Museum curator Anna Letizia Magrassi Matricardi and restorer Mario Colella.