“Man, animals and epidemics: an ancient but current story” – Paolo Mazzarello

Pandemics have been linked to human history since the dawn of civilization.

On Wednesday 13 May 2020 Paolo Mazzarello, Professor of History of Medicine at the University of Pavia and President of the University Museum System, participated in a meeting entitled ‘The lesson of pandemics in history’. It was organised by the Italian embassy in Bern and by the Italian Scholars Society in Switzerland (SAIS).

The conference, entitled ‘Man, animals and epidemics: an ancient but current story’, is available at https://www.saisitalia.ch/

An extraordinary excursus about the history of man, starting with the tribes of nomadic hunters/ gatherers.

The spillover, that is the passage of a pathogen from one host species to another, seems to have started during the transition to agriculture, breeding and the domestication of animals, in the so-called the Neolithic transition about 10,000 years ago.

A must to understand what is happening today!

In the photo by Giuseppe Bruni are handcrafted flints, evidence of the first prehistoric human settlements in Lombardy, which are preserved at the Museum of Archaeology of the University of Pavia.

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