The collections of coins and engraved gems

The numismatic collection contains approximately 8000 pieces and spans various chronological periods and includes Celtic, Roman republican, Imperial, Late Antique and Byzantine coins.

A portion of the Museum’s coin cabinet is available from January 2021 thanks to the University of Pavia’s Digital Library at the following links:

Republican Roman coins

Celtic coins

The collection of carvings (scarab beetles, gems, engraved glass pastes, cameos) and rings totals 66 objects of uncertain provenance.

A first set of pieces was purchased by the founder of the museum himself, Professor Pietro Vittorio Aldini. In a letter stored in the museum archive, he mentions: “a series of gold, silver, iron and lead rings, some of which with extremely valuable engraved stones and others with engravings on the metal or presenting inscriptions […]. They were found in ancient tombs in Lomellina and in other parts of the ancient province of Pavia, thanks to the frequent ploughing which is being practiced today for the improvement of agriculture.”