Culture unites the world: stop all wars!

The Museum of Archaeology of the University Museum System of Pavia joins the digital campaign of the Ministry of Culture: Italian Museums, Libraries, Archives and Cultural Institutes against war!

With the hashtags #laculturaunisceilmondo, #cultureunitestheworld and #museumagainstwar the national museum system and the network of archives and libraries are sharing significant images of the pain and suffering of war or, conversely, the harmony and prosperity of peacetime. The message is that Italy repudiates war and expresses full and unconditional solidarity with Ukraine.

The Museum of Archaeology has chosen to participate by highlighting an evocative detail of a work by Clemente Rossi, a contemporary artist who will inaugurate one of his installations on 4 April 2022 at 6.30 pm. It will then be visible until 2 May during the Museum’s opening hours.